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Frankfurt has been somewhat interesting.  I had an unintentional, but anticipated, 30 hour layover here in between my journey from Cairo to Malta.  I spent the night at the Frankfurt Hostel, which was very nice, with an all you can eat breakfast (traditional European breakfast is just an assortment of cold cuts so it’s not quite as appealing at 8:30 in the morning).  My day here has made me realize just how much the euro is going to hurt my bank account.  I have been doing lots of networking with people in Malta.  Finding some contacts and hopefully places to couchsurf.  Overall it is quite a change being in Europe after 15 days in Egypt.  Everything is more expensive and significantly cleaner.  You can even flush toilet paper here.  I am glad that I went to Egypt but it is also nice to be out as well.  The next two weeks will consist of a lot of jumping around but I will be meeting up with friends along the way, which always helps when in a foreign country.  My experiences so far have me thinking a lot about where I want to travel after my semester in France.  One of the main concerns is just how long I will be able to afford to stay in Europe.  It seems like staying away from the big cities is the best way to avoid spending lots of money.  I’ve heard good things about WOOFing in Europe from a few people I’ve met along the way.  The only thing I have planned so far is going to Berlin from Paris.  Scandinavia might be an option or even Russia.  From what I’ve heard Eastern Europe is more affordable and usually more interesting as well.  It’s too early to make any solid plans.  We’ll see how the rest of this trip goes.  Now to the airport to wait for my flight to Malta.  Let’s hope they haven’t pushed it back another day.


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  1. Kathleen Westgate

    hi ethan….your writings of your adventures is great. It sounds like you and your friends are taking in a lot of history. I hope you enjoy europe and get to see and experince the life there.

    the pictures you sent too are great. I cant believe you went around the sahara desert on a horse…pretty cool.

    Be safe and take care.

    Love Auckie and Uncle Mike

    January 15, 2011 at 7:43 pm

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