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I’ve been in Valencia since Sunday night and I’m flying to Paris tomorrow evening.  It’s been a great time but I don’t think I’ve gotten a full taste of the city yet.  I’m staying with Ian, a friend who moved here after graduating from Rutgers.  I also have a couple of friends in the city that are doing a study abroad program through Rutgers, which Ian did two years ago.  It’s nice to travel to the other side of the world and still have friends to hang out with.  Valencia has also been my first taste of winter on this trip.  The days have been bearable but the nights drop down to 25-30 degrees.  Ian’s apartment is big and beautiful but pretty old and therefore not well insulated.  My first day here I went to Mercado Central, the central market of the city, only about 2 blocks from Ian’s apartment.  It was awesome and I had my first real taste of Spanish “Jamon”.  Im hoping to return to Valencia at some point this year, maybe when I can actually enjoy the beach.  Ian’s rent is pretty cheap considering the space so it might even be somewhere I can spend a month once my program in France is done.


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